JE International Inc.

Who we are

HQ : Gifu
Established : 2010
Employees : 17

We are a manufacturer in the semiconductor field specializing in optical inspection devices. We have achieved remarkable business performances in the last few years, and we look forward to growing stronger.
Our main market is in Japan, but we also conduct business with companies in Asia and Europe.

From the beginning, our company has contributed to IT mobile devices, IT software, and automotive-related businesses mainly focusing on semiconductors, IT mobile, and automobiles.
Today, following the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions, big data collection with AI definitely is at the centre of new business opportunities. We are keeping up with the market changes and the need of our clients, and therefore, we are now investing in these new technologies.

Our vision

Doing our best to support our clients’ success

With a large number of foreign employees, we have a global and diverse mindset.
We have been doing our best to support business success of our clients over decades.

Our services/products

In response to the increase of mobile devices use and the shift to EVs and intelligent vehicles, we are providing automatic optical inspection devices for semiconductors and flexible printed circuit boards. We offer customized AI-developed products globally, not only in Japan but also overseas.
We develop the following technologies:

Image recognition processing
With image recognition technology that uses our original optical inspection technology (AOI/AVI), it is possible to detect defects in IT devices, displays, and core automobile parts. We make it possible to analyse features and faces, creating new opportunities related to IT advancement.

Natural language processing
We develop our own chatbot technology called Mango Seed. This service allows our clients to develop their own chatbots for their businesses.

Sound recognition processing
We are also developing sound recognition technology.
Our company has created various solutions related to karaoke, and recently this technology has been used in the VR sector.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Our engineering team is working on developing softwares for automatic optical inspection systems utilizing artificial intelligence.
They also work on setup, maintenance, version upgrade, etc. for our solutions.

What technologies are you using?

We are using our own camera image processing recognition technology as well as an AI optical inspection system.

What type of engineers work at your company? Job description

We have engineers specialized in Electric Design, Software Development and Mechanical Design.

Engineers responsibilities depend on the role, but as an example, our electric design engineers work on:
・designing, wiring, adjusting, starting up, manufacturing of FA devices
・electrical drawing creation, equipment wiring, control panel assembly, external wiring work, electric control circuit reading, pneumatic circuit diagram reading.

Do you plan on using any new technology in the future?

We plan to expand our two new business areas in the future:
・Chat bots using natural language processing
・Karaoke and VR-related technologies using sound recognition.

Our corporate culture

Since the IT world is rapidly evolving and directly inducing changes in our society , we believe that flexible ideas, logical thinking, and teamwork among departments are fundamental to success in our industry.
We are, and we will continue to contribute to society by providing cutting-edge technology and solutions.

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