Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 1998
Employees : 592

We are developing innovative services to connect businesses with businesses. We use our unique BtoB platform to convert business-to-business transactions into electronic data. The idea is to make it possible to complete business negotiations, orders, invoices and other transactions entirely online. The result is more efficient operations, lower costs and a paperless environment.

All companies, regardless of industry, have their own business systems. However, because their own systems are not linked to those of their business partners, it has been difficult to share data. The “BtoB Platform” is a platform that solves this problem and makes it easier for companies to communicate with each other.

Our vision

We will continue to grow together with our customers, both as a company and as individuals, and contribute to society through businesses that are useful to the world, needed by the world, and pleasing to the world.

The BtoB platform will provide a system that connects groups such as companies with which they have business relationships, the company internally, and business people, so that it can revolutionize company management and business styles.
We aim to become a global BtoB platform company by building systems and businesses that naturally transcend industry boundaries, national boundaries, and the world at large, with companies and people at the center.

Our services/products

■ A desire to help the world is our driving force
In 1997, Murakami, the founder of the company, had a desire to start a business that no one else was doing, a business that would be needed in the world and that would make the world happy.
The sellers, local food retailers, were worried about the cost and inability to expand their sales channels, while the buyers, department stores’ buyers, wanted to stock local produce but couldn’t find it. We thought that if we could connect the needs of sellers and buyers, we could solve the problems of both parties. This idea led to the birth in 1998 of a BtoB platform that no one else in the world was doing.

■ A BtoB platform that connects companies with companies using IT
The exchange of purchase orders and invoices, which is essential for business transactions, is still mainly done by fax or post, and is still not very IT-oriented. If it were possible to convert all paper vouchers into data, it would be a paperless process that would save time, reduce costs and be more eco-friendly. The ability to freely exchange data between buyers and sellers, and to exchange a wide range of information, would make the business world a more vibrant place.

An electronic platform that connects companies with companies using IT. Infomart’s BtoB platform is the realization of such an unheard-of idea. One of our mainstays, “BtoB Platform Order and Supply,” has grown to a distribution value of over 1.5 trillion yen and a 20% share of the restaurant market (fiscal year 2017).

■ Contributing to a wide range of industries through seven platforms
Our business is unique in that it can be used anywhere, anytime, on any computer, tablet or smartphone, and all business activities can be conducted on the same screen and in the same way. Our seven platforms – Matching, Ordering, Standards Database, Invoicing, Contract, Quoting, Industry News & Data Portal – help customers across all industries to do business.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Our Systems Development and Operations department is in charge of all systems development and operations for all our BtoB platform services.

We also manage the servers and computers used by our employees, and develop and operate the internal systems required to run our BtoB platform services, as well as all other IT-related tasks.

What technologies are you using?

We are also using advanced technologies such as blockchain and machine learning in some of our services for commercial purposes.
In addition, we have been developing systems with monolithic architecture, but we are also promoting the use of microservice architecture.

We are developing in a way that combines monolithic and microservices.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

They are in charge of the development and operation of all systems related to BtoB platform services, so of course there are the usual project managers, system engineers and programmers, but there are also database engineers, security engineers, test engineers, designers, quality control (PMO) and many other positions.

Our corporate culture

After work we often go out for a drink, and on weekends we also hang out together. The relationship between teams are not hierarchical, and rather very friendly.

This is also the case at work, there is a good atmosphere in which supervisors and other employees can talk freely and equally.
In addition, we value the bottom-up approach, and our employees often suggest the adoption of new technologies and the use of new tools. We have the flexibility to adopt what we think is good.

The system development and operation department originally started with a small group of about three employees, and has now grown to an organization of over 100 people.
It’s a great place to work for people with a desire to grow, who don’t forget the start-up nature of our organization.

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