Who we are

HQ : Ehime
Established : 1999
Employees : 6

All of our employees work remotely, and we are committed to achieve results for our clients through the use of IT.

Our vision

We create tools that change the world and fulfill a life we can be proud of.

The “HB” in HB SOFT STUDIO is inspired by the word “pencil”.
Like a pencil, it can be used by anyone and is neither too soft nor too hard. Like “HB,” it is the easiest to use. We will provide such “tools” to everyone in the form of IT.

Our services/products

Consigned development (web application, smartphone application)
Cloud implementation support
Network infrastructure design, implementation, and operation management


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Small and medium-sized enterprise customers are required to develop web-based systems, build systems, support cloud introduction and operation, and develop control systems and smartphone apps for industrial equipment. Basically, it is entrusted consistently from requirements definition to operation and maintenance.

From requirements definition to operation and maintenance are performed consistently!

All processes from requirement definition to operation and maintenance are carried out in-house.

Requests include “I want you to teach me know-how because I want to do IT in a new business” and “I want you to make apps to expand the range of your sales.” In response, we listen to the ultimate goals of the business and identify problems and needs, and propose appropriate systems and software.

Depending on the project, the short one or two hours will be held several times, and the long one will be heard and arranged repeatedly over a period of about a month. Let’s talk to each other thoroughly to solve the customer’s problems.

※Most of the projects are contracted as primary contractors.

What technologies are you using?

We have purchased technologies from Amazon Web Service (AWS) even before they are distributed as they are today.
As the first certified partner in the Chugoku Shikoku region, we have a wealth of practical experience, and respond to any and all needs with a wide range of deep knowledge.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Projects in which we participate often support companies who want to develop web services or start new businesses. A total of about 10 employees, including those from partner companies, are responsible for major projects. Basically, however, they are responsible for everything from requirements definition to operation and maintenance. At the same time, we will continue to carry out a few projects over a period of one month to several years.


Development of apps that can learn Chinese

Development of insurance companies’ websites, web systems, and business systems

E-commerce site construction and server operation
Language → PHP, JavaScript, Scala, C#, Java, Swift, etc. Details are provided in [Major Development Environments].

※Each employee receives a Mac.

Career step up

It may not be true, but all employees, including the representative, have started from an inexperienced position, and are now on the line.
At first, my seniors are on OJT and support you by phone or chat.
We are now able to see the progress of all employees through in-house chats, so even if you are in trouble, everyone can help you in the same environment as in the company.
Even if you have no experience, you can do everything from requirements definition to operation and maintenance by yourself in about a year, and you can steadily improve your skills.
Would you be able to achieve both a new way of working and an upgraded skill?

Our corporate culture

We are engineered by all staff, including the president. In addition, all employees work remotely.
We use digital technology to help customers realize what they want to do and solve their problems.
We specialize in the production of EC sites and smartphone apps that are easy to use and have a high level of design, as well as in the design and operation of servers that are resistant to failures.
Other digital technology and IT-related issues can be addressed in almost all areas. No matter how large or small the work is.
“HB” in HB Software Studios is the image of “Pentatsu.”
It can be used by anyone like a pencil.
As easy to use as “HB” which is not too soft or too rigid
We will provide this kind of “tools” in the form of IT.

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