Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2018
Employees : 6

We comprehensively support companies in a wide range of industries, such as distribution and retail, manufacturing, medical, IT & technology, finance, and food service, in various phases of their business operations, from IT strategy planning and requirement definition to system development proposals and system evaluation.

Our vision

Gemini Solutions, as a part of Gemini Strategy Group, helps corporate clients transform, grow, and create an overwhelming competitive edge over their competitors.

Our services/products

We provide Profit Automation, an operational support tool that collects and analyzes all consumer preference information and serves as a marketing platform from upstream (manufacturers) to downstream (retailers/consumers), directly related to sales/profit/cash flow optimization.

This tool enables users to spend less time for data works on Excel etc., and more time for creative works and decision making (i.e. “thinking time”) such as planning for the next fiscal year.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Our team works on the upgrade of our service Profit Automation.

What technologies are you using?

As for the infrastructure, we utilize cloud technologies such as AWS/GCP.

To predict demand for a product, we use AI to calculate which products can be sold and by how much, based on weather, temperature, precipitation, etc.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Infrastructure Engineer

  • Migration to EBS or ECS
    Adding instances, setting up MultiAZ configuration, building the deployment process
  • GIT migration
    As we are currently using BackLog GIT, migration to CodeCommit
  • Migration of EC2-based web applications to container-based
  • Building of a CD pipeline, including container-based bluegreen deployment
  • Terraform
    Future additional work on building the environment
  • DataGog
    Settings when the production environment is ready

Development Engineer

  • Understanding the specifications of the current running application
  • Upgrading applications that are currently running
  • Implementation work for new customers
  • Investigation and correction of defects
  • Implementation and testing, and fixing defects in accordance with the design documents

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We will develop a mechanism to further subdivide and analyze consumer preference information (big data) and report it back to improve our tool.

Our corporate culture

We require our members to have respect for others, to be curious and interested in everything, to consider persistently by oneself,
and to communicate smoothly with appropriate words and expressions for each situation.
We provide a perfect environment for people who want to contribute to society and challenge themselves to grow.

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