Who we are

HQ : Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Pref.
Established : 1983
Employees : 20 (FJ Group 100)
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■Business Activities■
・Real estate sales, leasing brokerage, and management
・Construction and renovation
・Real estate consulting
・Inheritance, tax, and investment consulting
・Real estate sales and purchase
・Voluntary sale and auction agency business
・Overseas real estate business
・Senior Citizen Housing Brokerage
・Nursing care and welfare business
・Handyman business

We are developing our business beyond the traditional boundaries of a real estate agency by utilizing our rich knowledge and experience in the field of real estate. In addition to real estate brokerage and management and repair services, we also build our own houses for sale and contract custom-built housing. In addition, we offers construction and remodeling services in partnership with house builders, and sells related equipment.

We also focus on purchases and land sales. As a specialist in asset management, we provide a wide range of support to our clients, including proposals for land use that meet the diversifying needs of landowners and consulting services for condominium management.

In addition, we have recently expanded into the Southeast Asian market, setting up sales offices in Thailand and Cambodia, and introducing Southeast Asian real estate to the wealthy around the world. Our Thai and Cambodian staff members work at the local branches. At our head office in Japan, where you will be working, there are two Cambodian staff members, one male and one female, so we believe that the work environment is easy for foreigners to fit in.
The clients of the Overseas Business Department are investors, and many of them have assets overseas. Therefore, the knowledge of other countries and cultures that you have will be well appreciated at our company.

Our motto

Our motto is to provide safe, secure and high-quality services cultivated over many years in the local Shonan / Yokohama area, and with the lives of each generation such as specific construction industry, first-class architect office, general real estate industry, nursing care and welfare business. We provide one-stop support for housing.

Utilizing our abundant knowledge and experience regarding real estate, we are developing our business without being bound by the framework of conventional real estate agents. In addition to the real estate property brokerage business and management and repair, we supply condominiums by our own construction, contract custom-built houses, receive orders for construction business and remodeling work in partnership with house makers, and sell ancillary equipment related to housing. We are doing it.

We are also focusing on purchasing business and land sales, and we will support a wide range of customers as an asset management specialist, such as proposals for land utilization that meet the diversifying needs of landowners and consulting for condominium management.

Recently, we have focused on the Southeast Asian market and have sales offices in Thailand and Cambodia to introduce Southeast Asian real estate to a wide range of wealthy people around the world.

Our services/products

■Shonanno Koumuten, First-Class Registered Architect’s Office
Specified construction business, construction management and renovation work for wooden high-rise buildings

■Land purchase, development, and subdivision sales

■Real estate brokerage
Century 21 member stores in 7 domestic locations and 2 overseas locations
Real estate sales, leasing, management, and repairs

■Nursing and welfare care business and senior housing brokerage business
Dispatch of home nursing care workers and free referrals to nursing homes, etc.



Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Overseas Real Estate Agency Business

What technologies are you using?

Mainly web-related technology; incorporating Hubspot into our own website, integrating it with CMS and other tools, and building a digital, seamless, paperless system for customer management.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Job Title: Web Engineer, Web Designer
Job : Application development and programming

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We aim to achieve the following two objectives
To incorporate more and more new technologies and to provide services with higher customer satisfaction.
To offer our products to as many customers as possible.

Career step up

Since we do not currently have the relevant department, you will work under a general manager who is concurrently in charge of another department. But you are expected to aim for the manager of the relevant department in the future.

Our corporate culture

In each department, a small number of elite employees take responsibility for their own work as if they were the store manager or president.

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