Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2007
Employees : 38

We are an IT company founded in 2007 and running business in three areas: CREATIVE, PRODUCT, and EDUCATION.

Through our three areas of services (Creative, Product, Education) we’ve been:

  • Delivering opportunities to those who want to work in the Creative field
  • Inventing mechanisms that allow to focus on the pursuit of quality in the creative field
  • Transmitting the skills and mindset necessary in creation, for those learning about the Creative field

In the Creation Business, we work with partner creators to provide production services, mainly advertising used for digital marketing.
In the Product Business, we plan, develop, and sell tools that promote greater efficiency not only for creators but also for other clients.
Through the Education Business, we support more people to engage in creative jobs.

Our vision

Create a world where creators can work comfortably

In Japan, the working environment for creators is significantly different from that in the rest of the world.

The most obvious problem is low wages.
About a decade ago, when our CEO was working as a designer, he happened to have the chance to ask about the annual income of senior designers and friends around him. Some of them were working on famous projects that everyone knew, but their income averaged about 3 million JPY (approx. 20LPA).
When he did some research about the annual income of designers around the world, it came out that the average annual income of creators working in Europe and the United States ranged from 8 million JPY to 10 million JPY (approx.55LPA to 68LPA). It was almost 3 times higher compared to Japan.
This does not concern worldwide famous designers, this is the average annual salary for those who work as designers in various industries.

This is caused by the structure of the production environment, which easily falls into price competition.
Since the main tool for design production has been changed to digital, anyone can start creative work casually.
The number of designers is increasing and that is a good point. But on the other hand, the low hurdle directly leads it to the low-price competition.

It’s easy to call yourself a designer, but getting the skills to make a living in the creative world is uncommon.
Everyone who can create good design at work make their living in this world because they have worked hard and learned it.

The efforts of these creators are almost helplessly caught in the wave of “low-price competition.”
Our CEO felt there were many issues in the current environment in Japan.

We want to change this situation.
We are determined to increase the number of good creators by supporting people who can create products from scratch,
that is why we launched our company Creators Match.

We aim to create an environment in which creators can play a more active role in the world, in which the profession of “creator” is recognized as a economically and socially valuable position.
By making this come true, there will be so many fascinating creative works no one can imagine today, by plenty of talented people.

Our mission is to continue working towards our belief to “support creators” so that we can make as many aspiring creators as possible aim for and achieve the same goals as ours.

Our services/products


AdFlow provides unified control of the functions required for advertising production.
This product was developed as an in-house tool to achieve greater efficiency in the production process to create a comfortable working environment for creators,.

It all started from the following problem encountered in the production team: that the creators had to do so much of non-creative work, such as communication with clients and partners via e-mail, management of products and use of multiple management tools.
To solve this problem, AdFlow enables both the producer and the progress management side to improve operational efficiency by incorporating functions required for production management, including organizing information for each project, tracking the design from initial to final manuscript, instructing modifications, unifying and visualizing product information file.

A survey showed that production time has been reduced by 45% after the introduction of this system.

This product is used by apparel, cosmetics, and WEB media companies, Internet advertising agencies, and other industries that produce banners and landing pages in large quantities in a short time.
Today, many customers are introducing the system, but we want more companies to introduce the system and improve their productivity.
We want to expand the use of the system as a SaaS model and make it our core business.
For that, we want to strengthen the product lineup.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

The main tasks are the addition of functions, operation and maintenance of our original product “AdFlow” series, and the development of new services.

What technologies are you using?

We are developing open WEB systems using cloud managed services.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

As each employee has their strong and weak point, roles are assigned accordingly, but basically, there is no different job types among engineers. They are assigned to a wide range of tasks from requirements definition to design, infrastructure, applications, testing, operation and maintenance work, as well as user support.

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We are considering to introduce image analysis using Machine Learning.

Our corporate culture

Our stance is to be open to new challenges and opinions if they are beneficial to the company, that’s why we have a “let’s try it!” attitude.

Regardless of your position, if you have an opinion that will improve the efficiency of our business, we will incorporate it.
We think this is a challenging environment for those who are interested in moving the company and its business forward.

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