Basis Corporation

Who we are

HQ : Tokyo
Established : 2000
Employees : 300

Since its founding in 2000, Basis Corp. has been involved in a number of projects related to the construction and operation of telecommunication infrastructure, such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi, throughout Japan. We are also involved in the construction of latest IoT infrastructures, such as smart meters.
We provide optimal solutions to meet our customers’ needs, with solid know-how backed by numerous achievements.

Our vision

Update The World

The literal meaning of our corporate name “Basis” is “base,” “foundation,” “ground,” or “root.”
Since our founding in 2000, we have created and supported a social base: information and communication infrastructure centered on mobile phones.

Our Mission: Making the world more convenient through ICT

In the future, we strive to become a company that is like a foundation or a base, that is needed by, and brings happiness to many people around the world. We will be keeping on creating, supporting, and making the world more convenient and comfortable through ICT (Information and Communication Technology), which is the infrastructure of the world. The development of ICT shall be advancing more rapidly than ever before, and a major paradigm shift is about to occur as a result of the full-scale diffusion of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

We will contribute to society through the products and services we have been making over the years, using our wireless communications technology as our core, to realize the future growth of the IoT society.

Our services/products

In order to construct a wireless communication infrastructure, we provide one-stop services from area design to station installation, operation and maintenance.

To install mobile base stations and Wi-Fi facilities, we provide comprehensive support in selecting and buying out lots, negotiation with owners, design work for preparing CAD drawings, support in operation for construction of small and large-scale facilities. We are able to quickly and flexibly react to all operations required for the stable operation of communication facilities, including radio equipment replacement at mobile base stations, inspection of incidental equipment such as batteries, troubleshooting, and registration inspection.

In addition, we provide outsourced operations and maintenance services within network centers of telecommunication carriers.


Our engineering team

What projects/services is your engineering team working on?

Installation and construction of mobile phone base stations (outdoor and indoor)
Wi-Fi installation and construction for landmark facilities (stadium, shopping mall, etc.)

What technologies are you using?

Drawing and modifications using Auto CAD.

What type of engineers work at your company? What is their job content?

Revision of construction drawings and construction sites process control, using CAD

Do you plan on using any new technologies in the future?

We are developing in-house management systems using AI, as well as facility inspection systems using drones.

Our corporate culture

The telecommunications infrastructure industry is slightly different from other IT industries, as it shares common characteristics and features with the construction industry. Many of our employees share the construction industry spirit, and are diligent and hard-worker.
Still, not all of them have a craftsman character; we work on projects as teams, so we value teamwork and being considerate of others.

In addition, as a rather young company in the telecommunications infrastructure industry, we actively support employees’ taking on new challenges, and we easily forgive failures as it allows one to grow.
Our employees can frankly talk to the president, we have and open and flat corporate culture regardless of positions.

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